Richard Diebenkorn, High Green Version I, 1992, Aquatint and Etching Printed in Colors

Richard Diebenkorn, Tri-Color Spade, 1982, Sugar-lift Aquatint And Etching In Colors On Rives Paper

Richard Diebenkorn, Contstruct (Drypoint), from Eight Color Etchings, 1980, Etching, aquatint, and drypoint in colors 

Richard Diebenkorn, Folsom Street Variations III (Primaries), 1986, Etching And Aquatint In Colors

Richard Diebenkorn, #14 (Phyllis on the patio) from 41 Etchings Drypoints, 1965, Hard ground etching and drypoint

Richard Diebenkorn, #26 (table still life with ashtray and numbers) from 41 Etchings Drypoints, 1964, Aquatint with drypoint and hard ground etching